Master Your Energy and Reclaim Your Value

Feed the hunger of your Soul.

You are MORE than a goal.

You can:

  • Stop habits of self-sabotage
  • Discover where repressed emotions store themselves in your body
  • Heal past trauma, EVEN if you don't remember it
  • UNPLUG from situations and people that drain you
  • Experience less stress, anxiety and better emotional regulation.
  • Reclaim your energy from all of the places it’s being consumed without your consent
  • Learn how to alchemize your past and live free
Reclaim Your POWER Now!

The Currency of Power Framework

is a "Master-Reset" for your operating system.

A performance upgrade to:


Learn holding patterns of unprocessed memories; sexual, physical, mental or emotional abuse in order to improve mental stability, and emotional balance


Your erotic pulse fuels sensations of ecstasy, happiness and joy. Increase self-trust, deep listening, and action towards the life you desire


From blood pressure, to back pain, learn to heal inflammation, improve digestion, acid reflux, improve energy and poor sleep

You Can Reclaim Your Energy From Your Past

You hold the power.


This course is a paradigm shift that puts YOU in charge of your own mental, physical and spiritual health

The Course Breakdown...

Module One

You’re Electric: Energy and Your Nervous System Network

The electrical pulses of the mind, body, and heart are essential for a healthy immune system, heart rate, sexual function, and to calm stress, anxiety, and improve mental health and emotional stability.

You’ll learn how to activate and regulate your primary “electrical communication super-highway” , aka, your Central Nervous System.

Module Two 

Glands Bring the JUICE 

Glands create a chemical/biological milkshake internally, causing increased stress levels, hormonal imbalances, chronic fatigue, hypertension, inflammation, impotence, excessive sweating, poor sleep, indigestion, and many more common ailments.

You'll learn how YOU can influence the balancing and strengthening capacity of your glandular "juice" network. It can and will change your health exponentially!

Module Three  

The Science of Conscious Breathing as Fuel, Form & Function  

You’ll learn specific techniques and practices to make breathing a lifestyle habit. You can improve your:

  • brain activity
  • stress response
  • energy
  • sleep
  • brain fog
  • posture
  • heart rate variability

Module Four  

Short Circuits: Data & Memory Storage 

You can rewire old patterns of thought and behavior. Imprints, conditioning and "programming" are unique to your lived experiences and culture.

This outdated internal “data” can slow your mental, emotional, physical processing power. Learn how to notice you 'default' settings, before you attempt changing them.

As you learn your energy network, you can create more internal space for magnetic receiving and other joyful pursuits.

Module Five

Cultivate New Patterns: Habits, Practice & Neuroplasticity

Long-term stress, anxiety, fatigue, and past traumatic can wreak havoc on your body/mind operating system. Fortunately science is showing that we can create new neural pathways through lifestyle habits that support brain/body connectivity.

You'll learn how to slow down, and connect with yourself in a way with breath and dynamic movement, resting practices, and other neural disrupting exploration for creating new patterns.

“While taking this course I experienced NOTICEABLE shifts in my physical body and thinking patterns. It literally shifted and refined my confidence, voice and self-trust in a profound and tangible way.”

 —Alisha Davidson 




Payment Plan Options:

Two Payments of $450 - CLICK HERE

Four Payments of $250 - CLICK HERE

Digital Course ~ Begin Learning Right Away!

Your Time ~ Your Speed

  • Self directed learning
  • No schedule to follow
  • Five modules of in-depth video content
  • Five full "Energy Reset" practice class recordings for EACH week's module
  • 1 Bonus Integration Week - Emotional Movement Practice
  • 10 + short daily breath/body movement practices
  • Safe space for emotional processing and integration
  • Exclusive access to ThePlayGround w/ former and current CP students


Three main elements for learning and lasting transformation


Course Content

Short video-based learning at your own pace (no schedule to follow.  Completely self-directed)



Grow in connection with others on your self-healing path (Use the private community to share, express and process in a safe space).



Engage where you are. Each module offers a section to post for feedback and reflection on any content material, q&a board, or plug-in to guidance from GuruNischan w/ weekly check-ins, if and when you need support

When you purchase CP Digital Course you'll receive lifetime access to the community space, content, and coaching material, events inside the CP class portal; including ALL future updates

“ Currency of Power fundamentally shifted my lens of what's possible in my life.

I'm more empowered, self-determined, and I can truly say that I tapped into and healed ancestral trauma during this course.

I'm less afraid of what's happening in the world now. ”

 — Derek Thompson 

Your Digital Course Registration Includes:

Engaging video content for each week's material

Six 'Energy Reset' classes w/ GuruNischan!

Safe space for in-depth processing and integration

Private learning space OFF social media

Phone app to access all content easily on-the-go!

Lifetime access to course material recordings

Plus All This Too!

Exclusive Access to ThePlayGround

Private Membership Community

Connection, Community, and Engagement

Transformation & Support

Lava Lounge

Safe Space for Emotional Release and Expression

Currency of Power is a practical guide for putting you in the driver’s seat of your own high performance vehicle

“ I've been on my transformation journey for the last four years, but this course really crowned it!

Currency of Power brought me to the foundation of myself. This is the beginning of the real me. I couldn't be more grateful. ”

-Erika Raittila

“ Before this course, I was totally oblivious to the heaviness and sluggishness of my body and energy levels. Throughout the course, these were all lifted and I feel 'effin fantastic!

GuruNischan's teaching style is straight and direct, no fluff or pretense - she is totally accessible and down-to-earth! ”

 —Brian Saulsberry 

“ The practices I've learned in this course have increased my confidence and sense of purpose, and sparked me to start writing music again!

It gave me an experience of my own breath and pulse as the source of power within me that I can access at anytime.”

-Michael J. Pernicano

“ GuruNischan's style of combining modern science and ancient yogic wisdom really helped to solidify "mystical" concepts into a concrete, grounded course delivery.

I feel less reactive, as if new layers of conditioning and familial patterns of codependency are finally dissolving.”

-Sally Fetter

“ This course helped me slow things down, mentally, physically and emotionally.

I feel more energized, relaxed and a renewed clarity and focus.

ThePlayGround community space really helped me stay engaged during the course.

-John Vinci

“ The breathing exercises mentally calmed me and helped with my heart rate. I experienced 'ease' during a very challenging time in my life.

GuruNischan's teaching style made me feel comfortable to step out of my comfort zone.”

-Jason Black

“ I have a new, relaxed and non-judgmental way to observe and notice where I hold tension.

GuruNischan is knowledgeable in her subject matter. Her delivery is straight foreword and packed with information.

You can tell she lives her subject matter.

-Mylitta Benjamin

You can:

  • Stop habits of self-sabotage
  • Discover where repressed emotions store themselves in your body
  • Heal past trauma even if you don't remember it
  • UNPLUG from situations and people that drain you
  • Experience less stress, anxiety and better emotional regulation.
  • Reclaim your energy from all of the places it’s being consumed without your consent
  • Learn how to alchemize your past and live free

If You're:

  • Ready and willing to commit to do “inner work” in a grounded, non-floaty-woo-woo way
  • Cultivate self-authority and Intuition in your body
  • Discover how energy levels, sex, weight, immunity and digestion are all related and how you absolutely can influence them for the better
  • You’re ready to learn your “default” ENERGY patterns, and cultivate new habits beyond your trauma patterns, and past pain
  • Ease anxious ambition and overwork.
  • Learn to relax and let go in order to feel deep peace and more erotic pleasure

"A revolutionary training system to optimize human potential and access your personal power."

- GuruNischan

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't make the LIVE class session?

There are no live sessions to schedule to take advantage of this course!

You make your own schedule, although the design of the material is layed out in six weeks to include a week of "integration" with all that is being learned.  

All recording material is accessible in the classroom portal to watch and learn at your convenience.

If you have a question about the course content, you can post in the private forum. I will answer personally.

What’s the class format for the class?

Each week's module has less than two hours of video material to watch, review and learn.

Most of the material are delivered in short videos under 5 minutes. The longest is 20 minutes.

Review the content at your ability to absorb new information. You can revisit the material as you create more space inside, at new levels of awareness.

What do the video practices include?

The practice classes are designed to implement each week's learning in your BODY.

Even if you skip the "content videos" and ONLY do the 'Energy Reset' Classes, you'll have tremendous benefit from this course.

You don't have to know WHY it's working, for your body to correct itself when you practice

Each weekly practice is to support fostering a relationship with yourself and your electrical energy body.

I'm a beginner w/ no experience in this kind of stuff. Is that okay?

There are no skill levels. This is NOT a competitive course. This will be a safe space to learn and to grow, to share and to stretch yourself out of your comfort zone.

You'll learn skills to simply be a better version of you. There's no one to compare yourself to in this inner work.

Can I make a payment arrangement?

No. If you have extenuating circumstances, then shoot me an email and I'll see what I can work out with you. Also, consider applying for one of the scholarship spots. Email me for details if you missed it.

I'm a novice at Zoom. Can I still take the course?

No Zoom for this course! Upon purchase, you'll be prompted to create a Membership to ThePlayGround, my online community learning space for exploring your sensory body.

You'll log into ThePlayGround to get access to your private course area and material.

Are ALL races, genders and sexual orientations welcome to participate?  

Yes! Absolutely. EVERYONE is welcome here. This work is for EVERYONE! This is an inclusive space. Learning to regulate your nervous system is necessary for every single one of us, no matter the shape, size or color of your body. We all need to learn to more effectively deal with the pressures of everyday life.

The more external pressure the world spews, the more essential it is to strengthen your nervous system to handle the increased voltage.

Any other questions???

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