Transform Anxiety and Stress w/ Your Breath 

Recharge and revitalize yourself by learning proper breathing to activate your nervous system and glands. Improve sleep patterns, poor posture, detoxify lungs and blood, strengthen your heart, immune system, and rewire old thinking patterns, as well as decrease your stress and anxiety.



Learning the Human Instrument

Pierce your personal matrix code of conditioning by learning about your dynamic body-mind-spirit instrument.

This simple, yet jammed packed course will set you up for a paradigm shift and give you practices you can FEEL immediately.


Unravelling the Wounds of Your Life

A four-part audio series to crack your personal matrix code, and unravel early imprinting of money, sex, power dynamics playing out in your body and everyday life.  

Your lower body (below the waist) holds the imprints that mimic early childhood environmental trauma, including past sexual abuse resurfacing in present day relationship patterns.


Master Your Energy and Reclaim Your Value 

A 6-week signature foundational course to reclaim your energy and your value. It's your MASTER RESET to reclaiming the self-authority of your own human energy system.

This course offers you a paradigm shift that puts YOU at the center of your own mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

It's a practical guide to upgrade your high performance vehicle ~ your mind/body communication network.

"GuruNischan is a highly inspirational teacher with a fresh and uplifting delivery. She's dedicated to giving you the tools based in ancient science, to bridge your mind and body."

— Anita Zagraniczny, Business Owner, WindyCity Staffords