Bio: GuruNischan is sure to capture your breath and attention, with over 20 years experience teaching and training on a global stage.

She delivers science-backed strategies for rewiring the brain/body communication network and improving your everyday operating system.

Raised outside of the medical and food models of “mainstream” America, GuruNischan has a unique perspective on health and human potential. She offers a direct access point to plug into the simple science of being a well-made human..

Having traveled the world at 18 living in east and south Africa as an independent learner, built a quarter million dollar sales organization & developed leadership teams across the globe by her late-twenties, GuruNischan exudes enthusiasm for the learning process and the innate human power we have to be a catalyst for change within the landscape of our own lived reality.

Her joyful presence is utterly contagious, as is her shining smile and electrifying personality. Her riveting storytelling and dedicated work-ethic, earned her the prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year Award, influencing hundreds of thousands of people to pursue the life of their dreams.

With an extensive organizational leadership background, and experience in community-building strategies for youth-work, She effortlessly connects to a diverse demographic of small and large audiences and age groups.

GuruNischan is articulate, concise and clearly delivers a practical approach to accessing a new kind of personal and collective power.