Body-based Cultural Intelligence®

Remembering the wisdom of your nature before dominator systems took over


Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is recognizing that your lens of seeing the world, isn’t the standard, or right way. It’s just your “code” of experience.

Deconstructing and recovering your true IDENTITY is a personal, historical, socio-political and cultural issue. In other words, it's fucking messy.

It starts and ends in your body.

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Disrupting cultural “code” is a personal and communal process.

You are not meant to do this alone.

Group Consulting Programs


S.X. B.A.L.M: Nourishment for the Inner Souldier - Three (3) Month Mastermind Mentorship Inclusive for Men

New Cohort begins April 2024 - Get on the waitlist!

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Organizational Consulting

→Certified Facilitator in Cultural Intelligence

→Offering Corporate Assessment & CQ Training for Executive Teams, NGOs and Innovative Organizations Worldwide

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“Learning from GuruNischan will touch you deeply and is guaranteed to be a life-changing experience.” 

-Carolyn Sellers, Licensed Therapist, LCSW & Former Executive Coach