Listen to heartfelt and heart wrenching stories of real people from the "early days" , those born and raised into it, and those converted or influenced by the “Teachings” in the last 50 years of “light-washing” the truth.

These are the stories you haven’t heard.

The unspoken truths, the hidden and not-so-hidden abuses that have been normalized, infused and interwoven into the consciousness and overall ethos of the Healthy, Happy, Holy Community known as 3HO/Kundalini Yoga/Sikh Dharma International (of the Western Hemisphere).

Why I Started this Podcast?

As an empowered response to the deafening SILENCE of people that I love from our community.

These are my podcast intentions:

1. To break the veil of silence that has long permeated and continues to strangle the 3HO Kundalini Yoga community in the name of “neutrality”

2. To validate and help clarify the complex feelings of those who joined this lifestyle, were born and raised into it, and/or have practiced or taught Kundalini Yoga

3. To encourage actively listening to uncomfortable conversations from our community, as a revolutionary act of self & collective healing 

4. To let survivors know that  we see them, we believe them, we love them, and we will fight for their truth to be addressed

5. To let Teachers who are denying, gaslighting, or spiritually bypassing know that what they are doing is willfully ignorant and re-traumatizing victims

6. To illuminate the inherent racism, homophobia, cultural misappropriation and exploitation that perpetuates “The Teachings”, 3HO lifestyle and overall community ethos

7. To stop the perpetuation of gaslighting & victim shaming by naming it for what it is

8. To dismantle internalized shame, guilt, toxic positivity, and “light-washing” mentality

9. To honor all the parts of ourselves that have been forgotten or silenced

10. To honor every BODY that has come through our community, named and unnamed 

11. To encourage people to do their own research, process their own emotions, get somatic therapy and other support as needed, draw your own conclusions, and be critical thinkers, rather than just blindly follow anyone


Podcast Host

GuruNischan was born and raised in 3HO in the Phoenix, AZ Ashram.

GuruNischan is a professional speaker and teacher of the sensory body. She's sure to capture your breath and attention, with over 20 years experience teaching and training on a global stage.

She delivers science-backed strategies for rewiring the brain/body communication network and improving your everyday operating system.

Raised outside of the medical and food models of “mainstream” America, GuruNischan has a unique perspective on health and human potential. She offers a direct access point to plug into the simple science of being a well-made human. You can follow and subscribe to her provocative truth-telling work at