My name is GuruNischan. (I didn't make that up:)

But I'm NOT your GURU.

I'm a Soul Provocateur. An Alchemist. A Breath Trainer. A Teacher of the sensory system. I will seduce you into experiencing more of your capacity to live in conscious attention.

I AM here to facilitate you becoming your own best authority of your Mind, Body & Spirit, aka, your human psycho-somatic experience.

WTF does that mean?

  • It means you're designed more powerfully than you've been led to believe.
  • It means your human design is more powerful than a high performance sports car.
  • It means your basic brain/body communication network is the most sophisticated "computer" on the planet.
  • You're seriously, IT! Better than Cheetos!

But without proper awareness of how you operate, your capacity goes seriously under potentiated.

It's like a Lamborghini sitting in the garage without ANY petroleum.

What a waste of M-A-G-N-I-F-I-C-E-N-C-E!

Optimize Your Human Experience

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Self-Authority is Your Priority

Burn-out, overwork, and hyper-focus on achievement are stress-signals and symptoms of early child-hood trauma.

Learning to clear the 'cache and cookies' from your human computer can drastically improve the "communication network" of your own brain and body. You can UPGRADE your operating system and "user experience".

No only is this possible. It's absolutely necessary and it's your human design.

  • You're designed for high performance velocity
  • You're designed to handle pressure
  • You're designed to adapt to stressful environments
  • You're designed to regenerate, recalibrate and rewire

When you learn to UPGRADE your "human computer"

You turn your Nervous System ON.

This can have exponential impact on ALL areas of your life.

Your BREATH and ATTENTION is all you need to start.

Optimize Your Human Experience

Grab Your FREE Breath Training Guide

GuruNischan's classes are intensely transformative. She pushes me just past my comfort zone, which is where my physical and mental healing begins.

— Andy Mason



  • Cross-Cultural Communication
  • Service-based Learning
  • Experiential-based learning models
  • Business Development and Community Non-profits
  • Leadership and Sales Training
  • Breath Science Research & Application
  • Trauma Healing Education
  • Nervous System Healing


  • B.A. in Community Building Strategies for Youth Work
  • Y.O.G.A. for Youth Training
  • Certified Kundalini Energy and Meditation Training
  • Certified Nutritional Consultant

Optimize Your Human Experience

Grab Your FREE Breath Training Guide