My name is GuruNischan. (I didn't make that up:)

But I'm NOT your GURU.

I'm a Soul Provocateur. An Alchemist. A Breath Trainer. A Teacher of the sensory system. I will seduce you into experiencing more of your capacity to live in conscious attention.

I AM here to facilitate you becoming your own best authority of your Mind, Body & Spirit, aka, your human psycho-somatic experience.

WTF does that mean?

  • It means you're designed more powerfully than you've been led to believe.
  • It means your human design is more powerful than a high performance sports car.
  • It means your basic brain/body communication network is the most sophisticated "computer" on the planet.
  • You're seriously, IT! Better than Cheetos!

But without proper awareness of how you operate, your capacity goes seriously under potentiated.

It's like a Lamborghini sitting in the garage without ANY petroleum.

What a waste of M-A-G-N-I-F-I-C-E-N-C-E!

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YOU must BEcome your own Specialist!

Having been raised outside of "mainstream" American culture, I learned a lens into the Central Nervous System that I've come to realize is only accessible to most people if they have a "problem", and are sent by their doctor to a "Specialist".

Ex: an "endocrinologist" specializes in the endocrine system, or a "neurologist", specializes in the nerves, and spinal cord.

If you don't need a "specialist", you're not taught about these "systems of the body". Which you might think is fine, but the CNS is frickin' important as all get out!

I mean, it's like the main enchilada! The head honcho of all human functioning so to speak. It stores our trauma, and is basically the regulatory interface of our disposition to the world.

So tell me, why don't you know about it?

I'll tell you why. Because once you know...


GuruNischan's classes are intensely transformative. She pushes me just past my comfort zone, which is where my physical and mental healing begins.

— Andy Mason



  • Cross-Cultural Communication
  • Service-based Learning
  • Experiential-based learning models
  • Business Development and Community Non-profits
  • Leadership and Sales Training
  • Breath Science Research & Application
  • Trauma Healing Education
  • Nervous System Healing


  • B.A. in Community Building Strategies for Youth Work
  • Y.O.G.A. for Youth Training
  • Certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation
  • Certified Nutritional Consultant

It's been alarming to discover that very few people I meet have any awareness that they can influence, effect and engage their own nervous system.

I'm not talking "philosophy". I'm speaking to a direct, physiological, mental and emotional shift in your everyday functioning.

Similar to clearing the 'cache and cookies' from your computer or phone, YOU can influence your own "mind/body network", in order to have a more pleasurable, more productive, and more peaceful "user experience" IN your body.

You can learn how to UPGRADE your "Human Computer"

No only is this possible. It's absolutely necessary.

  • You're designed for high performance velocity
  • You're designed to handle pressure
  • You're designed to adapt to you're environment
  • You're designed to regenerate

When you Turn your Nervous System ON, you elevate your game in ALL aspects of your life.

If you didn't know this tidbit of #truth, my personal mission is to create a MOVEMENT to change just THAT!

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