My name is GuruNischan...

but I’m not your Guru.

I’m a writer, pleasure-activist, and a child-survivor of a fundamentalist, religious yoga cult.

I’m a disruptor of cultural indoctrination, a speaker facilitator and consultant in personal and professional reinvention.

Self-recovery from cult(ure) is my specialty. The art of listening to body-based intelligence is my playing field.

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The complexity and lasting impact of spiritual abuse - Dr. Alexander is a mind-body psychotherapist & international trainer of health care professionals specializing in creativity and trauma -Excerpt from Eps. 38 Uncomfortable Conversations Podcast: The Untold Stories of the 3HO/Kundalini Yoga Community

GuruNischan invites us into her personal experience of predatory abuse in her childhood yoga community, revealing the complexity of love and abuse commingled in herself, and her courageous path of SELF reclamation and SELF recovery - Eps. 29: Uncomfortable Conversations Podcast: The Untold Stories of the 3HO/Kundalini Yoga Community

The Predators in My Body

— An alchemical journey of self-reclamation

GuruNischan brings a provocative and powerful delivery of BARE NAKED TRUTH, her one-woman-show spoken-word-burlesque-spectacular!

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Podcast Features

GuruNischan's outspoken voice reminds us of our innate ability to reclaim, recover and rewire ourselves from a painful past of dealing with predators in family, community and culture.

Shine On! The Health & Happiness Show

Lose the Old Program w/ GuruNischan

"GuruNischan's courses are intensely transformative. She pushes me just past my comfort zone, which is where my physical and mental healing begins."

— Andy Mason


Experience & Certification:

  • Cross-cultural communication
  • Cultural intelligence in a global marketplace
  • Service-based learning
  • Experiential-based learning
  • Independent learner
  • Business development and organizational management
  • Community and non-profit strategy development
  • Leadership and sales training
  • Breath science research & application
  • Trauma-informed nervous system healing & education