Client 'Love' Testimonials

"I was always chasing the next deal, high, drink, the next beautiful woman. Then it was online porn. None of it satisfied my cravings because I wasn’t looking in the right place – inside of me! This is a game changer. Don’t walk, run to her trainings. Time with GuruNischan will change you.”

— P. H. Financial Executive

“I came to GuruNischan to help me relax, but I’ve got so much more. I’ve been able to slow down mentally, physically and emotionally. I feel more energized, but not buzzy, not anxious.  I have a renewed clarity of focus and I no longer feel like I’m at the whim of daily circumstances.”

—Bobby Caccione, Financial Trader & Educator

“The breathing exercises mentally calmed me and helped with my heart rate. GuruNischan's teaching style made me feel comfortable to step out of my comfort zone. I experienced 'ease' during a very challenging time in my life.”

— Jason Black, Entrepreneur, Music Entertainment

"YOU can improve the UX - User Experience in your own body."


“Gift yourself the experience of GuruNischan. It will immediately impact your mindset.”

—Akua Auset, Founder Auset Beauty

“Working with GuruNischan will change your life. Her passion to help others achieve better mental and physical health doesn’t go unnoticed.”

— Kelsey Druin, Business Owner

“GuruNischan commands the stage and her subject when she speaks. Her strength as a leader in her field is an inspiration.”

— Dr. Howard Cohn, Cohn Health Institute

“Working with GuruNischan is a guaranteed life changing experience. Her material is high-level executive coaching and simple conversation with her can alter your day instantly. Her influence is palpable, and will change how you listen to yourself.”

—Carolyn Sellers, Executive Coach and Licensed Therapist

“Working with GuruNischan has shifted my lens of what's possible in my life. I'm more empowered, self-determined, and I can truly say that I'm less afraid of what's happening in the world after learning with her online.”

—Derek Thompson, Artist, Actor & Writer

“GuruNischan is one of the most powerful speakers of our time. She truly holds the room with heart.”

—Danny Gibson, Executive Leadership & Sales Professional

“GuruNischan’s ability to motivate students is as good as it gets. Her knowledge of how to care for the mind, body and spirit has a great impact and leaves a lasting impression.”.”

—AJ Castellucio, Golf Coach and Author

“GuruNischan’s mentorship has never left my heart and mind. In the midst of losing everything, remembering her early guidance instilled strength to continue. Her voice of determination resounded within me to continue no matter what obstacles I faced. I’ve since re-invented myself, my career and found the love of my life.”

—Sharon Almy

“GuruNischan helped me breakthrough many physical and psychological barriers in my life in less than two months. Her ability to listen and communicate to a broad audience has transformed a true skeptic.”

— KT, IT Executive

“GuruNischan is highly inspirational facilitator with a fresh and uplifting delivery. She’s dedicated to giving tools to bridge your mind and body.”

—Anita Zagraniczny, Business Owner, WindyCity Staffords

“GuruNischan will empower you to take control over your own health and well-being–from the inside-out.”

—Daniel Allen, Business Owner, Home Improvement